viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

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  1. No-no ...the only emergency is with the Queen because she and only she is the one who has BILLIONS and KINGDOMS, everywhere.
    How can the people ever respect her son and grandson knowing fully well she is PLO and so are they?
    That reign is over and " good riddance".
    The bee is CAPSHAW and she is telling everything she knows which means HANSEN , SCHAR and REGIS.
    LA and NEVADA both say the Queen has CHILDREN held hostage, in
    torture rooms in ENGLAND for " S& M" and ARYAN " THRONE GAMES"?
    And ROVE and EL SALVADOR say that it is TEXAS with EXPLOSIVES and ACE HARDWARE that keeps her " identity" clean and fresh- smelling despite
    the fact she is a pedophile- serial killer, like all the rest of her " knights in
    shining " ARMOUR ".